4 Piece Victoria Palace Sectional Set AICO-618SEC4-AMBER-29

The Victoria Palace Sectional Set collection by Michael Amini, featuring exuberant embellishments, Flemish scroll legs, and leather finishes, embraces the spirit of traditional Baroque design. The collection features ornate carvings in rich detail and large, grand furniture pieces


  • 1 x LAF Sectional Piece 61812-AMBER-29
  • 1 x RAF Sectional Piece 61813-AMBER-29
  • 1 x Armless Chair Sectional Piece 61830-AMBER-29
  • 1 x Pie Wedge Sectional Piece 61885-AMBER-29
  • 9 x 26″ Square Pillows
  • 5 x 24″ Square Pillows
  • 4 x 22″ Square Pillow
  • 2 x 17″ Square Pillow
  • 1 x 16″x24″ Rectangular Pillow


  • LAF Sectional Piece – 79″L x 42″D x 45″H
  • RAF Sectional Piece – 79″L x 42″D x 45″H
  • Armless Chair Sectional Piece – 36″W x 42″D x 45″H
  • Pie Wedge Sectional Piece – 52″W x 52″D x 45″H


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